Teng Jee Hum’s art book: Godsmacked (2016)

This publication includes artworks, an artist statement and an interview of a Singapore self-taught artist and art collector Teng Jee Hum. There are three essays in the book:

  • ‘There will be another LKY: Disarticulating Hegemony’ by Seng Yu Jin, senior curator at The National Gallery Singapore.
  • ‘The Animal’ by artist and writer Jason Wee.
  • ‘An analysis of the Multicultural Dimensions of Teng Jee Hum’s Work’ by Mei Huang, a curator, writer and art critic.

The catalogue is in English and Chinese, the Chinese version has been translated by Mei Huang.

The book is available in bookstores, and online at: https://www.ethosbooks.com.sg/products/godsmacked