2020 was a difficult year. We have been forced by the situation to stay at home, separated from our loved ones. Some of us might loose our friends and family… and in the work, those projects that took years to prepare have to be posed or cancelled.

Last year I spent most of my time writing and doing research at home, in front of the computer. “When one door closes, another opens”, one says. After 2020, many steps have been advance in the academic research, and apart from two depending published academic articles, I’d like to announce that in 2021 Jaume and I will have a new book coming out: “Xina avui: minories, cultura I societat (China Today: Minorities, Culture and Society)”. The book will be published by the Catalan publication house “Lleonard Muntaner” in Catalan in the first edition, then in Spanish in the second edition.

The aim of this book is to present, in a fun but expert way, the Chinese political and social model and its internal contradictions to the general public. The first part consists of an explanation of this model. It describes its most characteristic features, as well as the hegemonic groups and discourses that characterize them. However, the Chinese model also has strong internal tensions that largely unnoticed among Western audiences. The second part talks about these conflicts: through the visual images of contemporary Chinese artists and curators, different examples of sectors that live in the margins of society are explained. The aim of the book is to bring this unknown reality closer to today’s China, avoiding clichés and combining the views of two authors, a Chinese and a Catalan, both university professors. It will contain an introduction and exclusive interviews from Chinese leading cultural scholars and artists including Wang Hui, Hou Hanru, Lü Nan, Chyanga and many.

The further information will be uploaded in the “Projects” section once the book has been published.